Counselling Supervision

I have been a supervisor since 2014, and I hold a Diploma in Counselling Supervision, accredited by the European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies. My supervision model is Relational Integrative.

I have supervised the work of counsellors with a wide variety of counselling models, and also supervise the work of other clinical supervisors.

Initially I supervised for an organisation where I had twenty supervisees, some student counsellors and others fully qualified. Now I am in private practice as both counsellor and supervisor, though I still carry out supervision for some organisations.

My current supervisees work with a diverse client group, though many of them specialise in working with children and young people.

Before going into private practice, most of my supervision work was with counsellors working in the addiction field. This client group brings very challenging and complex material, and as many of my supervisees were trainee counsellors, they required a high level of support in their work.

I believe that the relationship between supervisee and supervisor is of primary importance, and this is the main focus of my work. I believe that we should feel safe to take any issue to our supervisor, and that this requires trust to be built.

I believe that supervision work should be collaborative, and joyful where possible.

I also try to work on developing the ‘Inner Supervisor’, both my own, and that of my supervisees. My aim is to facilitate confidence, whether in choosing an intervention, deciding when to seek guidance, or referring a client for more specific help and support.

Strong supervision helps to grow the roots of strong therapy.

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