Counselling Contract.

Sarah Swarbrick – Integrative Relational Counsellor.

Dip. Therapeutic Counselling.

Dip. Counselling Supervision.

Reg.M NCS.

This contract covers counselling on a private basis. The sessions will last for fifty minutes and take place weekly unless otherwise agreed. Times for sessions will be mutually agreed.

There will be a fee of £50 per session payable no later than the day of the session, and charged whether the client attends or not.

Clients’ Commitments.

*To be available for agreed sessions unless cancelled in advance by mutual arrangement.

*To give a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation.

*To pay the agreed fee no later than the day of the session, and to pay for all cancelled sessions unless cancelled by the counsellor.

*To attend at least one planned closing session when therapy is coming to an end.

My Commitments to You.

*To abide by the Ethical Framework of the National Counselling Society, including meeting my requirements for regular, professional supervision.

*To maintain confidentiality about the content of our sessions, according to professional guidelines. This may include discussing aspects of our work in clinical supervision. If circumstances arise where I have serious concerns about risk of harm to you or someone else, I will seek to discuss this with you before informing my supervisor, your GP, or any other relevant authority, where I am legally obliged to disclose. The only other exception would be if I were required to give evidence in court under oath.

*To advise you as quickly as possible of any planned breaks I might take, or occasions where I might need to cancel sessions.

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