Sarah Swarbrick. Counselling and Supervision.

A safe and creative space to explore your life and your work.


Are you hungry for change?

Are you ready to move on with your life but not sure of your next step?

Would you benefit from working with a motivated, skilled helper?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes” then we could do some amazing work together.

You might feel overwhelmed, alone and unsure where to turn. There may be issues from your past which still affect your present, difficult or traumatic events that do not feel resolved. You may have patterns of behaviour or thinking that feel unhelpful to you.

Maybe you are at a crossroads in your life, feeling stuck or uncertain.

Do you feel trapped in a job which is unfulfilling, or a relationship which no longer meets your needs? Are you struggling to recover from grief or loss?

Change is Possible!

Solution focused therapy can help. Working together strategically, we can co- create a plan of action. You don’t need to spend years in therapy unless you want to.

Counselling Supervision.

Strong supervision is essential to good therapeutic practice. I work relationally, seeking to co-create a dynamic working alliance where you can develop yourself and your practice.

My aim is to provide a space where counsellors and supervisors feel safe to explore all aspects of their work. I integrate the multi layers of therapeutic relationships, from client to counsellor, to supervisor.

The supervisory relationship is the foundation from where we can work with all aspects of your practice from self-care and client work to ethical dilemmas, and setting up in private practice.

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